The house has been full to bursting for days.  If your mother says one more time “that’s not how we used to do it…” or you hear one more argument about who’s turn it is to choose the next Xbox game you’re not going to be responsible for your actions.  A combination of overcrowding, under-sleeping and over-excitement has made the house a ticking time bomb…

There’s only one answer: “We all need some fresh air!  Kids; wellies, coats, hats and gloves on, we’re all going out for a walk!”

And thus was born that fine British tradition of the family Christmas walk.

1665 woodcutThis year, why not bring them to me?  l’ll trail you all around the City for a couple of hours and regale the kids (and adults!) with tales of rampaging Romans, vicious Vikings, nasty Normans a ferocious fire, a perilous plague and the sheer terror of The Blitz.street sweepers1

And, just to add a little Christmas touch, we’ll visit the site of Dick Whittington’s house and the road where shoeless Victorian children begged for pennies to sweep the mountain of horse poo out of gentlemen’s paths (just so the kids realise how lucky they are!).

I’m available throughout the Christmas holiday period (even boxing day if you like), more detail on the walk, prices and how to book here.