It’s a strange time of year for making commitments, isn’t it?  Everyone’s diaries are all over the place, some businesses get stupid busy, others deathly quiet.  None of which is helping me second guess when best to schedule walks for the next month.  I’ve put a couple of staples in my December schedule, but as for the rest? Over to you…

World in One Cityd_a_d xmas

This is your chance to do any walk off my list that you want to do on a date and at a time time of your choosing during December.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a group of a minimum of four people together.
  2. Decide which walk you want to do off my list and the date and time you want to do it in December (all the way up until December 31st).
  3. Contact me with your choices.
  4.  I’ll confirm my availability by return (clearly the more notice you can give me, the better) and confirm the walk.
  5. I’ll schedule the walk in and put it up on Eventbrite so your party can book (@£10 per person and usual concessions).  The walk will then be open for bookings for anyone else that cares to join us.
  6. We do the walk at the appointed date and time and have a lovely time together!

clublandheart of westminster aerialii

A wee bit of “small print”:

  • The minimum of four people excludes my “History of London for Kids” walk because: a) there is an offer running on that walk; and b) to be honest, it works best with a minimum of around 6 kids on it (see here if you want to book that one, also happy to run this one as your family Christmas walk this year!).
  • Any proposed date and time is subject to my availability, but I am keeping my diary as clear as possible.  If I can’t make your proposed date/time, I will suggest an alternative as close as possible to it as I can.

Not sure walk to which to choose?  See what some of my lovely customers think and read artist Mary Swan’s fabulous guest blog post of her experience on my Dickens After Dark walk to help you decide.

Over to you and I hope to hear from you soon!