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Writing in the 1600’s, John Milton described London as “The Mansion House of liberty”, but not everyone is so fortunate to live in a city with such a proud and long-standing tradition as a home for those with ambition and a haven for those with need.

We at Footprints of London have developed our own little tradition to celebrate this defining characteristic of our great city by running an annual series of walks to raise funds for Amnesty to support their work in helping those subject to more repressive regimes.

I’m pitching in this Thursday (26th June) at 7.00 pm with a running of The World in One City, my walk celebrating the cultural diversity of London through the ages (although I suspect the temptation to throw in a few Heroes and Villains along the way may be too great…) , booking details here.  Our full programme of walks for Amnesty is here, all funds net of booking fee go direct to Amnesty.

Pease do try and get along to one, there will be a representative from Amnesty on each of the walks and all will end in a pub for a post walk drinky and chat so you can find out more about the work of the amazing organisation you will be supporting.

Hope to see you on Thursday.