London Symphony poster

Since I became chairman of Footprints of London earlier this year (sorry, did I not mention that before?  Honoured doesn’t even cover it…) a number of propositions for partnerships have crossed my inbox and Twitter account.

I was contacted towards the back end of last week by a chap called Alex Barrett who is looking to re-visit a 1920’s film making tradition, the silent City Symphony and apply it to our own dear old London town.London Symphony 01

“Interesting”, I thought and scurried off to check their website “London Symphony is a poetic journey through the city of London, exploring its vast diversity of culture, religion and design…” “We believe that by looking at the present through recourse to the past, we can learn something new about life today”.

Now anyone who has been on any of my or my Footprints of London colleagues’ guided walks will hear the same bells ringing as I did on reading those lines.  Our aims as a group of guides are, in essence, very simple; to show you the London you don’t know and to encourage you to see the London you do in a whole new light (OK, we might not be that “poetic” but we do at least try to be entertaining 🙂 ).

Alex’s film will, albeit through an entirely different medium, aim to do exactly the same.

If it can be made, that is, and that’s where we all come in…

The project is being crowd funded so it will be a real community effort.  They are only looking for £6000 and, whilst they are already nearly half London Symphony 05way to that funding target, it must be reached by October 19th.

So we at Footprints of London thought we’d try and help them with a little push via a fund-raising walk and, given the film’s core themes of the diversity of culture and religion, it seemed only natural that I should put up a special running of my World in One City walk and offer places on it as a pledge reward.

So, how does it work and  what can you do to help?

First you can pledge.  Alex has created a special “Walk Pledge”, visit their Kickstarter site, choose that pledge and, if the funding goal is reached, you will get a free place on the walk on November 30th and become part of the London Symphony community (full details of the conditions of pledging are on their site, but suffice to say no money changes hands if and until the goal is reached by the deadline).

Second, please tell everyone you know about this fabulous project.  The more people know about it, the more chance it has of getting off the ground.

Let’s get a great film about the city we all love made!