Pomp & Power election night

Fancy a quick walk around Westminster to catch the buzz on election night?

Join my early evening stroll around the grand buildings of Whitehall and Westminster and feel the tension while the politicos sweat and fret as Britain decides who will next rule the roost and move into one of the most coveted addresses in the country.

While we’re at it I’ll sprinkle in a few juicy tales including: the one about the Cromwellian-era dodgy political double-dealer after whom the area’s most famous street was named (appropriately, some might say…); the beheading of a king (and where the head of his nemesis ended up as a posthumous punishment and a warning to any others with similar designs); and where Churchill plotted and planned the defence of our right to do what we’re going to do on Thursday 7th May.

A one-hour special at the special rate of £7.50 per person (follow the link off my current walks page for booking details) so we’ll even have you home in time to cast your vote.

Hope to see you next Thursday!