pomp and power

The Easter holiday is upon us and if you are looking to get the kids out for a bit of fresh air, exercise and a little history along the way, then look no further!

By special request I will be running a special “family-friendly” version of my Pomp & Power walk around the heart of Westminster on Wednesday 6th April.

Expect tales of jousting, the gory execution of a King  (and the revenge meted out on those who perpetrated it), a Victorian  “Great Stink” marlslondonrambles_family walk1and why the river bank was moved because of it, one of the most celebrated battles in our history, the bunker from which Churchill plotted the liberation of Europe and, of course, tales of kings, queens and parliamentarians how they shaped one of the most iconic urban landscapes in the world.

And if that’s not enough for the little ones, we’ll also hunt down the location of Harry Potter’s Ministry of Magic!

Booking details are here (including special family and child rates), I look forward to seeing you on the walk!