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Dickens After Dark

Dickens After Dark:  In the Steps of the Night Walker

dickens after darkii

As night falls, the cool, dark City of London takes on a completely different yet fascinating character.  In the words of the great man:

“But the streets of London, to be beheld in the very height of their glory, should be seen on a dark, dull, murky winter’s night, when there is just enough damp gently stealing down to make the pavement greasy, without cleansing it of any of its impurities; and when the heavy lazy mist, which hangs over every object, makes the gas-lamps look brighter, and the brilliantly-lighted shops more splendid, from the contrast they present to the darkness around…”

Charles Dickens: The Streets – Night, from Sketches by Boz

“…the river had an awful look, the buildings on the banks were muffled in black shrouds, and the reflected lights seemed to originate deep in the water, as if the spectres of suicides were holding them to show where they went down. The wild moon and clouds were as restless as an evil conscience in a tumbled bed, and the very shadow of the immensity of London seemed to lie oppressively upon the river.”

Charles Dickens: Night Walks – The Uncommercial Traveller

Whilst the gas lamps may have long gone, the City at night still has the same brooding character that inspired Dickens so much.  So why not wrap up warm and join me in tracing his footsteps from his own epic night walks around the City and witness some of the locations that informed his personal life and inspired his great writing.

Read East End artist Mary Swan’s impressions of the walk here and the most recent tripadvisor review here.

See here to check if this walk is currently scheduled,  contact me if you would like to arrange it as a private walk for friends/colleagues/clients.

4 thoughts on “Dickens After Dark

  1. Thank you so much for an exciting and absorbing walk last night, despite the rain, thunder and lightening it was great. We loved it. Apologies for dashing off. As a fellow guide and a fan of the River Thames just loved the references to Dickens characters and his own life. Highly recommended.

  2. Thank you so much, Mark, for this fabulous Dickens After Dark tour of London! Any lover of Charles Dickens should definitely take this tour! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
    From Desiree in New Orleans, Louisiana

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