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My walks and how to book

The guided walks I schedule regularly are listed below, my current schedule and price/booking details are on my Footprints of London page.

Click “read more” next to each for a more detailed summary, if you want to see what others think of them you can read some  reviews from happy customers on my testimonials page.

Bookings on all my walks are via Eventbrite, but if you cannot or would prefer not to pre-book via Eventbrite, you are welcome to attend and pay on the day at the prices stated on the booking page.

However please note that  attendance on a walk can only be guaranteed with prior notice, so you must please inform me of your intention to attend via my contact form (please also provide a phone number) and I will confirm arrangements by return.

Please only make the journey to the meeting point for a walk if you have received a confirmation from me (these are sent automatically with Eventbrite bookings).

Charles Dickens and the City of London: His muse and “magic lantern”

Dickens and CityDickens was one of the greatest creators of characters in the English language, but one character writ large through most of his work is London itself.  He called London his magic lantern and we will trace his own footsteps to see the places and tell the stories that had the greatest influence on the man and his work.  read more

Dickens After Dark:  In the Steps of the Night Walker

dickens after darkiiBut the streets of London, to be beheld in the very height of their glory, should be seen on a dark, dull, murky winter’s night… Join me along the paths of Dickens’ own epic night walks to hear how he observed the slumbering city in search of inspiration for some of his legendary themes and characters. read more

The Gentlemen’s Clubs of St James’s:  Victorian London’s LinkedIn

St James clubsWe take social networking for granted, but how did the Victorians go about it in the days of the horse and carriage?  We’ll stroll around genteel St James’s to explore their version of LinkedIn and you’ll hear about the reasons behind the explosive growth (and equally dramatic decline) of the St James’s Gentlemen’s clubs.  read more

Heroes and Villains: The good, the bad and the ugly in The City’s history

heroes & villainsSome mad some bad, some downright dangerous.  Some visionary, others so misguided that they couldn’t have found their way with Satnav.  And some just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But all with one thing in common; a fascinating story to tell in the history of our great city.  Come and meet them! read more

History of London for Kids!

history for kidsA fun and educational activity that will get the kids outdoors and burn a bit of their energy at the same time. The walk is designed for 9-13 year-olds and visits locations relevant to the Key Stage 2 Primary history curriculum to bring those subjects to life in a fun, immersive and interactive way. read more

Pomp and Power:  Tales from the Heart of Westminster

pomp and power1045. Edward the confessor fled the moral turpitude of The City and founded his Minster in the West.  Then around 600 years later its development exploded until it became the seat of Royal, political, ecclesiastical and executive power.  Join me for a wander around the grand buildings of Whitehall.  read more

Tracing the Tudors: The Real London of Wolf Hall

tracing the tudors guided walkThe political and personal machinations of the Tudor age were brought to life by Hilary Mantel’s novels Wolf Hall, Bringing Up The Bodies (and their rightly garlanded adaption by the BBC) and the final instalment, The Mirror and the Light. Join me to track down the City of London locations that tell the stories behind the stories of Wolf Hall. read more

The World in One City: Migration and the Making of modern London

world in one cityLondon  is a true global city with around 270 nationalities speaking over 300 languages, a home for those with ambition and a haven for those with need.  And ‘twas ever thus; hear how London was founded by a multi-national Roman force and has been a bustling hub of international trade ever since.  read more

Wren Romans & Liverymen:  A Brief History of The City of London

wren romans liverymenAll Londoners know that this is the where the real London lies; The City, the Square Mile, the historic beating heart of London founded by the Romans.  A walk covering nearly 2000 years of history in under two hours and a must-do for Londoners and visitors alike.  Because until you know The City, you don’t really know London… read more

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