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Tracing the Tudors

Tracing the Tudors: The Makers of Modern England

Tracing the Tudors guided walk

The Tudors reigned over a particularly turbulent period in our history, but the 1666 Great Fire of London rendered physical traces of the age hard to find in today’s London.  Unless, that is, you know where to look…

Join me to discover some of the places that tell the tales of the people and events that changed England forever, such as:

  • Where Henry VIII first met the papal envoys to propose his divorce from Catherine of Aragon
  • The birth of modern theatre and the site of the playhouse where Shakespeare hosted Tudor London coming out to play…
  • …and the place where exotic punishments were meted out to Tudor Londoners who fell foul of the law
  • The grand hall that hosted some of the biggest show trials of the day
  • “Bloody” Mary’s favourite killing field
  • The priory miraculously saved from dissolution only to fall into the hands of one of the most devious double-dealers in our history
  • The only outdoor statue of Henry VIII in London
  • The street where Thomas More was born…
  • …and where Thomas Cromwell rested his head every night (at least until he and it were unceremoniously parted)

This walk includes a visit to the Great Hall at the Guildhall (subject to access being available).

Click here and here to read recent tripadvisor reviews of the walk.

See here to check if this walk is currently scheduled,  contact me if you would like to arrange it as a private walk for friends/colleagues/clients.


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