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Wren, Romans and Liverymen

Wren, Romans and Liverymen: A brief history of The City of London

wren romans liverymen

The City, the Square Mile, the historic heart of London founded by the Romans; all Londoners know that this is the where the real London lies.

A walk covering nearly 2000 years of history in around two hours on which you will hear stories of the Romans, the City livery companies that controlled all trades for nearly 600 years, the enterprising Italians that laid the foundations of modern banking over 700 years ago, the coffee houses that begat some of the greatest trading markets in the world, the double tragedy of The Great Plague and The Great Fire (and the man who could have stopped the latter in its tracks), the great Sir Christopher Wren and the rebuilding of The City, its Victorian re-invention from a place to live to a place to work and the gleaming glass towers that now dominate the skyline.

A must-do for Londoners and visitors alike, because until you know The City, you don’t really know London.

Read TripAdvisor reviews of the walk here and here and a review one of my guests kindly wrote on her own website here.

See here to check if this walk is currently scheduled,  contact me if you would like to arrange it as a private walk for friends/colleagues/clients.

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