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London guided walks

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I’m Mark, a qualified and accredited London tour guide (City of London/Institute of Tourist Guiding; City of Westminster) who researches, writes and leads all my own guided London walks.

It is my pleasure to share some of the hidden delights of the greatest city in the world with everyone who comes on one of my guided walks.

Dickens and City heroes & villains dickens after dark
St James clubs cropped-profile.jpg history for kids
world in one city wren romans liverymen pomp and power

So, what should you expect on one of my tours?

Suffice to say I’m not a dry academic or historian, nor an actor filling in between jobs regurgitating someone else’s pre-prepared scripts.

What I am is an enthusiast of the history of London who loves to share the fascinating stories that lurk in the city’s past and how they shaped the amazing city that London is today.

You can check out the testimonials that some of my guests have been kind enough to write and below is a little sample from my Heroes and Villains walk:

I aim to share these stories in an informative, engaging, but above all entertaining way with those who come on my guided walking tours.

I go much deeper than the standard tourist fare and you will always come away from one of my walks with a few choice nuggets of information to share with your friends.

from tripadvisor reviews
from tripadvisor reviews

However, these are not street lectures; I enjoy doing this hugely and like above all to have fun on my walks.

I want you to enjoy the experience just as much and so aim to make my tours as engaging as they are informative.

Do I succeed?  Well, that’s probably best left for others to say!

And because I have passed the examinations required to earn the official guiding accreditation badges, you will at all times be able to see what we are talking about, hear what I have to say and be taken safely around London’s busy streets (and with due consideration for others using them).

Want to know more?  Then come on one of my walks or book a private walk for you and your friends/colleagues.

Hope to see you soon!


One thought on “London guided walks

  1. Thank you so much for making me discover Robert Hooke!
    Here’s a link to Micrographia for the curious lurker. Fascinating stuff. Discovering biological evolution 200 years before Darwin is indeed something we should praise.
    Anyone knows if Darwin already knew of Hooke’s biological evolution theory, or if he developed his theory of evolution by natural selection without knowing Hooke’s work?

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